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Welcome to the SGP Computing Ltd. website.

We started out in the world of I.T. due to the lack of information available and secrecy through out.

It should not be as technical. I agree that it is technical to understand properly, but if you do understand I.T. you should be able to explain it in simple terms to your customers rather than baffle them.

Some companies rely on baffling the customer with “techno-speak”, taking advantage of your lack of knowledge to get sales, or to explain their way out of  a situation because they don't really know what  they are doing.

At SGP Computing Ltd. we explain what is happening in terms that you can understand.

We are not afraid of questions or you watching what we are doing. In fact we think they are a good thing as they allow you to learn and understand and if we don't know the answer to your question, we'll find out and get back to you with an answer


We could come to your business and sell you £5,000, £20,000 or £30,000 worth of it equipment that you don't need as some other companies would, and believe me we have seen the results of this. or provide you with a system no suitable for the job. I wish I had one pound for every body that has said to me "I've  got a server that their previous company installed, could you have a look at it it's a bit slow"  only to find it is a PC, with a bit of extra memory, that is 'whimpering' in the corner because it has had so much work piled onto it.

Providing a service such as this would not do your company any good and would harm our reputation on which we pride ourselves.

At SGP Computing Ltd. we look at the long term relationship with our customers and feel that our honesty, your education and SGP Computing Ltd. providing the right product for the job is a better way to move forward, ensuring a better future for all.

Your future

With SGP Computing Ltd. guiding you, your understanding of your I.T. system will grow. You will be able to take advantage of your existing or new technology to enhance the way you conduct business. You will become aware of new ways to do daily office tasks, that without understanding or the right equipment, you would never realise or, more to the point, understand how to use. As you become more successful you will require bigger better systems, so will give us a call.


Let SGP Computing Ltd. guide you through the “I.T.” maze. Contact us today, without delay!

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